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SOS Promotions specializes in meeting your promotional needs. Why go from place to place to get your jobs done?

Getting all your needs met in a single location is beneficial for many reasons.

Image Consistancy
Think about some of the largest and most successful companies. One thing you will notice about all of them is consistency in their corporate image. All their marketing materials have the same colours with the same logo, with the same level of professionalism whether it's company uniforms, business cards, or websites. People recognize these companies just by seeing the logo. Consistancy is a hallmark of building a strong brand.

Service Consistency
When dealing with the same company you can expect a certain level of service from that comany based on past experience. There are no negative surprises. You get the same level of service whether you are having t-shirts printed or your vehicle lettered. You know what to expect. Whether good or bad.

This may seem like an insignificant reason, but when you find you have more time to focus on your business and doing the things you love, you will see that this benefit is all but insignificant. Give us your logo and we will provide you with custom clothing, custom paper supplies, we can have your vehicle lettered, build you a custom website and more. Relieve the hassle and the stress by having us look after everything for you! You will be glad you did.

So, dealing with the same company has benerfits, but dealing with SOS has those benefits and more!

SOS Promotions is the best choice for all your promotional needs and there are many reasons why.

Shelley McDougall
Owner/Operator Shelley McDougall has studied the promotional industry for over 20 years. Her business is relationship based. When you become friends with your customers your goals are different. Just like you want to help your friends in any way you can, so it is with all Shelley's customers. Your needs become her needs, financial needs not excluded!
Her friendly demeanor, honesty and integrity make her a pleasure to work with, and as a customer you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Shelley handling your job. On the other hand, suppliers beware! With her customers pocketbooks in mind she does what needs to be done to get the best quality products at the lowest possible price. You are not a number, but an individual - Maybe that's why we have had a steady customer base for over 20 years!

Experience is extremely vital in this industry! Mistakes are costly! When we speak of experience, often times that experience is learned though mistakes. You don't want to be a mistake! Mistakes cost time and money that often times can be avoided simply by experience. We have tons of experience in the industry!

Because of the volumes of product we purchase from suppliers, our costs are far below standard. We have searched far and wide, long and hard to find the best quality products for the best prices. This determination and experience only benefits you as the fruits of our labour are passed down to all our customers.

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